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TEDDY Corner Sofa

Cream White 5769
Sand 5768
Brown 5765
Blue 5772
Turquoise 5771
Emerald 5773
Sage 5776
Moss 5777
Olive 5778
Yellow 5779
Mustard 5774
Tangerine 5780
Orange 5781
Rust 5782
Rose 5764
Purple 5793
Lavender 5763
Blush 5784
Slate 5770
Charcoal 5761
Black 5786


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Current estimated delivery time for TEDDY Corner Sofa is 8-10 weeks.

Corner is TEDDY's big brother, which accommodates the large family or all the friends. The corner sofa is simply two TEDDYs held together by Velcro straps. Like TEDDY, it is easily unfolded, and with the four mattresses you can create a very large play area for the children or a cozy nook for the adults. All mattresses can be connected with velcro so that they do not slip apart when the sofa is unfolded.

Corner consists of 4 mattresses, two angled cushions and two straight cushions, all of which can be easily moved around. He is also held together by two large and three small metal braces, which are also mobile. The mattresses are of high quality and relatively hard, so they are both good to sit on and sleep on. The cushions contain granules that are surrounded by an inner fabric cover, which means that the covers can be easily zipped off and washed. Last but not least, TEDDY is wrapped in the softest, wide-ribbed corduroy fabric. The fabric is of high quality and extremely durable. All sofas come with polished chrome bars.

Available in 21 colors:

Cream White 69
Sand 68
Brown 65
Turquoise 71
Blue 72
Emerald 73(formerly Green)
Sage 76(formerly Dusty Green)
Moss 77(formerly Dark Green)
Olive 78
Yellow 79
Mustard 74
Tangerine 80(formerly Light Orange)
Orange 81
Rust 82
Rose 64
Purple 93
Lavender 63
Blush 84(formerly Dusty Pink)
Slate 70(formerly Light Grey)
Concrete 61(formerly Dark Grey)
Black 86

Having trouble deciding on a color? We have Fabric Swatches available here.

Please be aware that the color of the fabric in photos may look different based on your individual computer or phone screen settings, and the appearance of the color of the fabric in person may vary depending on the lighting in your home. We recommend getting a Fabric Swatch to insure you are satisfied with your choice.

Product information:
– All parts of TEDDY are Oeko-Tex Certified
– 118 in. Width x 39.5/78.7 in. Depth x 27.5 in. Height, 
– 13.5 in. Seat Height.
– Size, unfolded: 78.7 in. Width x 157 in. Depth x 7 in. Height.
– Seat Depth: 24 in.
– Fabric: 100% polyester (35,000 Martindale).
– Mattresses and cushions: Cold foam and granulate.

Washing instructions:
You can easily zip off the fabric on both cushions and mattresses. This makes it possible to wash the fabric at a low temperature. It is recommended to wash at a maximum of 30° and with mild/extra gentle soap. We recommend turning the fabric inside out when washing.

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Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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