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Shangies - Unisex

Spicy Pumpkin
Brown Coffee
Midnight Blue
Dusty Olive
Rocky Raven
Groovy Grass
Mellow Maize


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Shangies is a Danish, exclusive and trendy sandal brand which provides a luxurious treat for your feet!

The beautiful and unique sandals are specifically designed to be durable, lightweight, and super comfortable. The soft footbed of Shangies is covered with natural jute fabric and the soft, eye-catching straps provide a beautiful pattern and a very comfortable fit.

Shangies are the perfect obvious choice for anytime and anywhere - on the beach, at concerts, at parties, and even around the house when it’s too cold outside.

All Shangies styles are available in a range of lovely colors so the whole family can easily find a pair to match any outfit and enjoy the comfort of the lightweight sandals.

This versatile style is suitable for both men and women. The wider straps offer great support and ensure a very comfortable fit. The growing range of colors means that there’s a Unisex sandal to suit everyone. When it’s too cold for sandals outside, Shangies are perfect as slippers indoors too.

Size guide

Which size to choose?

We want your feet to be happy.
Our goal is to make the absolute best match between Shangies and your feet.
So here is a guide to help you choose the right size.

Step 1:
Place your foot with the heel up against a wall.
Step 2:
Measure your foot in centimeters from heel to the tip of your big toe.
Step 3:
Find your measurement and corresponding Shangies size in the size guide below.

US Mens 3.5 / Womens 5: 22 cm
US Mens 4.5 / Womens 6.5: 23 cm
US Mens 6 / Womens 7.5: 24 cm
US Mens 7 / Womens 8.5: 25 cm
US Mens 8.5 / Womens 10: 26 cm
US Mens 10 / Womens 11.5: 27.5 cm
US Mens 11 / Womens 12.5: 28.5 cm

Care Instructions:
Please see care guide in images. Shangies are hand wash only.

Shangies by Stilov

Country of Origin: 
🇩🇰 Denmark

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