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Iringa Trash Bin


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Our Iringa collection combines Scandinavian design with a traditional basket weaving technique from the village of Iringa, in Tanzania. Made from natural milulu grass and produced by talented weavers, these trash bins are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

This Iringa trash bin is woven from milulu grass that grows along riverbanks in Tanzania. The milulu grass is carefully harvested and dried before being woven into these beautiful, robust trash bins.

The color of milulu grass changes over time. When the trash bin is first woven, the grass has a shade of green. Over time, the color will change from green to brown. This process typically takes 1-2 months. Iringa trash bins are stiff and cannot be folded. They maintain their shape when standing free.

Following the fair-trade practices of the World Fair Trade Organization, these baskets are produced to support women through flexible, safe work and extra income for families and communities.

11.4 in. Height x 10.8 in. Diameter

Milulu grass

Care Instructions:
Easy to clean with just water.

Each Mifuko product carries the name of its maker.


Country of Origin:
Kenya & Finland

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