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GrowWIDE Planter

Dark Oak
Black Ash
Natural Ash
Natural Oak
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GrowWIDE is the middle range model of the SQUARELY design planters family. Its size and form is the ideal option for indoors, gardens or balconies. It can be complemented with straps for hanging on any kind of balcony. The colors fits any environment, giving a sophisticated but natural touch to modern and more classic interiors and outdoor spaces. 

With its minimalist design, StandWIDE is the ideal companion for your GrowWIDE elevating it from the floor and giving your room an elegant touch. Its structure raises your GrowWIDE to two different heights by simply flipping the legs, fitting your taste and room requirements. Perfect to decorate and divides the rooms or an office. 

GrowWIDE: 23.6 in. Length x 8.6 in. Width x 9.4 in. Height
StandWIDE: 23.6 in Length x 10.6 in. Width x 14.5 in. Height

Self-watering 3L water container

Wood Type:
Ash or Oak oiled, from European FSC controlled forests

Oiled wood, weather resistant up to 5 years without additional treatment, frost-proof. 

Squarely Copenhagen

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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