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A STUDY 001 / Blæhr Vase Small

Smoked Green


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A STUDY 001 / Blæhr Vase, designed by Danish creative Linnea Ek Blæhr, embarks on a quest to unravel the ceaseless poetry within mouth-blown glass. It stands as a homage to the innate charm that resides in the essence of the material and a relentless curiosity for the creative process—stying a material that, by nature, conveys depth, character, and a play for the senses, allowing it to take on a tactile shape that celebrates the inherent beauty of the natural material. Kindly be aware that when crafting with natural materials, the final product may exhibit characteristics such as air bubbles, condensation resulting in a minor oil film, and slight colour discrepancies.

A STUDY is a creative workshop and an ongoing voyage by New Works, explored in collaboration with talented professionals—a space dedicated to the curiosity of materials, crafts, and the sensory affluence of tactile experiences.

As the Blæhr Vase is carefully handcrafted, differences in expression of the material and surface may occur. The Blæhr Vase is only intended for indoor use.

8.07 in. Height x 5.51 in. Diameter

Mouth Blown Glass

Care Instructions:
Wipe the product with a soft dry or moist cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools, and never use strong cleaning agents such as household glass cleaner, white spirit, or turpentine.

New Works

Linnea Ek Blæhr

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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