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Plain Beat Throw - 100% Wool

Dark Green
Honey Rose
Muted Blues
Warm Red


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Plain Beat is woven from 100% worsted wool. All throws are made from colors which gives a living experience while admiring the pattern. Each throw is made from 100% Wool.

The Plain Beat throws are jacquard woven and made with the vision of a nice and soft result. Plain Beats many choices of color combinations makes it possible to create a personal look in the living room or anywhere else the throw is put.

The design is made with a twist, which is rarely seen. Plain Beat is the beautiful result of another design collaboration with designer Tina Ratzer, who also is the mind behind Twist a Twill.

Quote by Tina Ratzer: "The throw is intimacy in a cubic structure in its essence. The tactility, warmth, serenity and cosiness inherent makes it an essential part of any home, big or small, young or old."

51 in. x 75 in.


Wool is a unique natural material. Wool insulates. It can keep you both cool and warm thanks to the fibers’ special structure, which is able to trap lots of air. It is the air in the textile that provides insulation, and a thin woolen plaid is therefore much warmer than a thicker one made of cotton, for example.

At Silkeborg Uldspinderi our focus begins on the raw wool so that we are always able to ensure that we can attain the desired quality that is then processed and transformed into plaids and cushions of a quality that will last for many years.

Silkeborg Uldspinderi

🇩🇰 Denmark

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