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Bauhaus Trolley



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Bauhaus Trolley is inspired by the influential German Bauhaus art school. The design of the serving trolley is light and graphical. Use it as a bar trolley, as a movable serving table or to exhibit your indoor herb garden or plants. The Bauhaus Trolley emphasizes once more that simple design is beautiful. 

Already an all-time bestseller The Bauhaus Trolley is a two storage table and a mobile piece of furniture on wheels. A functional and extremely versatile trolley perfect when used as a movable serving trolley or bar cart. In fact you can easily use it for anything from a bedside table to a coffee table. Useful in virtually any room of your house! 

The Bauhaus Trolley is available in black and white powder coated steel and includes two trays - one in hardened glass and one made of perforated steel. 

The Bauhaus Trolley series is a modern and minimalistic trolley in Scandinavian / Danish design. The wheels of the trolley can be fastened thus making it a stationary small table. This elegant piece of furniture is shipped flat packed and is assembled with screws. Designed by Danish architect Kristina Dam - her design studio has undertaken an incredible journey to become the powerhouse design studio that it is today. Beginning with a range of fine architecture prints and posters, the design brand has grown to include a vast number of iconic collections that now includes furniture, sculptures, art, lighting, and accessories.

28 in. Length x 13 in. Width x 40 in. Height

Black Powder Coated Steel & Glass 

Care Instructions:
Please make sure that the trolley is correctly assembled before usage. Use the brakes of the wheels to prevent uncontrolled movement. Please do not use any chemicals to clean the steel. Use only warm soap water and dry with a soft cloth. For the glass surface only use glass cleaner and dry carefully. 

Kristina Dam Studio

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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