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Small Dowel Mirror


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The Dowel mirror is minimalism at its finest – a proponent of the evident beauty in simplicity, the evident strength in honest design. A mirror sleekly framed in steel, centered with a walnut plug, suitable for your bedroom, bathroom, or your preferred space for reflection.

13.7 in. Diameter x 1 in. Depth

Stainless Steel & Walnut

Care Instructions:
Be sure to use the correct dowels and screws for your wall to securely mount the mirror to the wall. Always keep this product clean and dry. Please do not use any chemicals or detergents to clean the steel and mirror. Use only mild soap water or glass cleaner. Use alcohol or glass cleaner to remove grease stains. Dry with a soft cloth.

The wooden walnut dowel is treated with oil. Wood is a living material changing imperceptibly over time and reacts to sunlight, humidity, temperature and can vary slightly in grain pattern and coloration. If the surface of the wood dries out, you may be able to restore its original glow by applying rapeseed oil to the product. Wipe off any excess oil with a soft cotton cloth. The grains of the wood may raise. Use fine sandpaper to smoothen the surface if needed and finish with an extra layer of oil.

Sharp objects may damage the mirrors surface. Please arrange the mirror carefully to prevent scratches on the wall. The Dowel Mirror is not made to carry any additional weight.

Kristina Dam Studio 

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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