Opening at 34 Norman Ave in Brooklyn on July 19th!

GrowMORE Planter

Dark Oak
Black Ash
Natural Ash


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Decorate your space with the architect-designed planter GrowMORE. This cubic planter is hand-crafted with simple, vertical planks that will bring the feeling of forest to your space, whether it's outdoors or indoors.  

Say goodbye to dead plants with GrowMORE. Its easy and accessible self-watering system gives plants as much water as they need - just like in nature. Open one side of the planter to refill the water container. The planter has a large water reservoir of 4.5L that will give you many days free of watering. All our planters are made of excess wood from European forests. Ash and Oak are hardwoods - made to last and easy to maintain with oil. The plastic containers are made of recycled plastic in the EU.

Pair GrowMORE with the smaller planter GrowON or the bigger GrowBIG to create a beautiful composition with several wooden planters. Move it indoors or outdoors, depending on your space, season, and mood.

13.75 in. Length x 13.75 in. Width x 17.75 in. Height

Wood Type:
Ash or Oak, oiled, from European FSC controlled forests

Oiled wood, weather resistant up to 5 years without additional treatment, frost-proof. 

Squarely Copenhagen

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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