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Detail of Eve



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Lithuanian born, Copenhagen based artist Lolita Pelegrime expresses a lightness and visual texture through her art print Detail of Eve. Created from layers of oil paint on canvas, the composition contains deliberate cropping to bring focus to the textures and tones that make up the figures clothing, skin and hair. Soft tones of blue and white clash with the dark black hair, creating a piece with visual intrigue and a richness in texture.

Lolita Pelegrime is a Lithuanian artist, living and working in Copenhagen since 2012. Growing up with a multitude of women in her family, she developed a deep appreciation for their stories and experiences, which are often reflected in her artwork.  Lolita obtained a bachelor’s degree in ceramics at the Art Academy of Vilnius, complementing her earlier education at the Kaunas School of Applied Arts and the Kaunas Antanas Martinaitis School of Art. Her paintings have been exhibited in Denmark, Lithuania, and Germany, among others.

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Small: 12 inches x 16 inches(30x40cm)
Medium: 20 inches x 28 inches(50x70cm)
Large: 28 inches x 40 inches(70x100cm)*

* This is a custom size production, produced individually and specifically to your order. Please expect approx. 5-7 working days extra delivery time. Custom productions are non-refundable.

200g uncoated, FSC certified, acid-free paper.

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Lolita Pelegrime

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