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Fine Bath Towel

Pale Yellow
Dusty Mint
Grey Blue
Dusty Lavender


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Experience freedom and weightlessness with the combination of 3 layer of lightweight gauze, soft color tones and unconventional towel sizes for your hands, hair and body. Light, beautiful and fast drying. A bath towel with a true and pure flow feeling.

Fine encompasses our Nordic traditions with elements of light materials and soft color tones. 

Fine is designed to be a light and "flowy" towel for your hands, hair, and body.

This towel series will lift the look and feel in your bathroom and is also easy to roll up and bring with you on the go. 

The essence of Fine is best described as freedom and weightlessness with the wonderful combination of 3 layers of lightweight gauze, soft color tones, and unconventional towel sizes. 

Our Fine towels have a great absorbency and dries quickly. 

Width 39.4 in. x Length 59 in.

100% GOTS certified organic cotton

The Organic Company

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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