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A beautiful modern art print from the Paper Collective collection. Crafted by handpicked creatives, curated in Copenhagen, made in Denmark.

Inspired by the works of artists such as Braque and Malevich, Fleur by French artist Hubert Mardi merges graphic elements with hints of realism. Divided by a rough, hand-drawn semi-circle, two black forms emerge from the beige background. Utilizing layers of acrylic paint and varnish, simple lines are removed from these layers through engraving – in this case a single line travels across the composition to reveal a leaf. The contrasting use of textural paint and thin linework creates a piece that is minimal yet layered and intriguing.

The work of Parisian artist Hubert Mardi is constructed in stages: first vigorous, random life drawing, to which he adds dreamlike "markers" borrowed from academic practices - nude, vase handling, hands and still life. Instilling personality into his creative process, his work channels his own experiences – learned, seen and lived, through the medium of paint and engraving. With a training in fine art, his work is inspired by the history of art, in particular the work of Braque and his use of “certainties” that allowed his practice to sit between abstraction and realism.

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Small: 12 inches x 16 inches(30x40cm)
Medium: 20 inches x 28 inches(50x70cm)
Large: 28 inches x 40 inches(70x100cm)*
Extra Large: 40 inches x 55 inches(100x140cm)* 

* This is a custom size production, produced individually and specifically to your order. Please expect extra working days added to the delivery time. Custom productions are non-refundable.

200g uncoated, FSC certified, acid-free paper.

Paper Collective

Hubert Mardi

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