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Table Flag



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Our TABLE FLAG is designed with those festive moments in mind. And you should always remember - sometimes even the smallest things are worth celebrating.

The flag of Denmark holds the world record of being the oldest continously used national flag. According to legend, the flag fell from the sky in the Battle of Lindanise (Tallinn) in Estonia on June 15, 1219.

Today, the flag is widely used for any kind of celebration, both official and private. It is common for homeowners to have a flagpole in the garden and the flag will be hoisted to celebrate birthdays in the family and similar occations throughout the year.

Norway has the most interesting history, when it comes to their flag. It has been changed many times during historical periods, and the flag you know today is from 1821.

When it comes to using the flag, there are a few rules. The flag is used on national holidays and birthdays. And the Norwegians love celebrating their birthday, where you host a big party for family and friends. Here you enjoy food, drinks and good company.

15.75 in. Height x 4 in. Diameter

FSC® certified European white oak and cotton

Wipe with dry cloth.


Kristian Jakobsen

Country of Origin:

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